Aiken Opera Society

Thank you for being a part of The Aiken Opera Society.  Reaching out to the Aiken School children is imperative and so appreciated by them.  Further you are guaranteed hours of laughter and enjoyment with a cool group of Opera aficionados on all levels of Opera appreciation!

The Opera Performances we hire for the schools bring the children enormous delight, inspiration and so much happiness.  We try to bring at least ten performances a year into the Aiken area schools.  You are encouraged to go to at least one performance just to see the childrens’ shining eyes!  They will remember that you were there and stop you in the street – “That’s an Opera Lady/Gentleman!  When are you coming back to our school??” To make a difference and lift one young life is well worth everything we do to inspire them! 

Our performances, dinners, teas, balls, opera trips, even polo matches, etc., from September to May, add to the society in Aiken and are always elegant, informative, and intensely fun for our members and their friends!  Further, during The Season, The Newberry Opera House (Steven W’s for dinner before) has delightful performances; Charlotte and Atlanta have wonderful Opera Performances; Augusta offers frequent and resounding performances at Sacred Heart and St. Paul’s among others; Augusta’s Opera simulcasts of the Metropolitan Opera in NYC are fabulous!  Someone is always going – call us if you like: (Billy, VP – 803 215 6166 or )

The Opera Board meetings will continue to take place at 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday of every Month from September through May at Banksia: The Aiken County Historical Museum with wine & cheese as sustenance.  The light, fun, informative meetings last for about an hour and then we go to supper somewhere – if this suits you!  If you are not on the Board and want to attend, just let us know.  You are welcome!

Again, thank you for being part of the Wonderful World of Opera in the Aiken Schools.  The children will love you for it!

Jane Gunnell, President    


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